Prayer Guides

How can the Christian pray more faithfully? Remember, prayer is a relationship. The desire to pray better should come out of a desire for a better relationship with God. Because prayer is a relationship, each person’s prayer life will be unique to the individual. Some people are more talkative, some are quieter, some are more…… Continue reading Prayer Guides

For the last seven and a half years I have taught a Bible study on prayer at every Wednesday prayer meeting. As a result I have taught over 300 different lessons on prayer, including studies of Jesus’ teaching on prayer, all the prayers of the New Testament, most of the prayers in the Old Testament…… Continue reading

What is Necessary?

I was reminded this week of how relatively unaffected our church has been by the coronavirus. We have not escaped the affects of the virus. Many in the church have family who contracted the illness, some are unable to attend because of the virus, we went through a time of limited fellowship and curtailed services…… Continue reading What is Necessary?

The Head of the Body

Anecdotal evidence passes along the fascinatingly morbid information that a severed head retains consciousness for several seconds after its decapitation. If this is true, it is horrific to contemplate. Whether this gruesome information is true or not medical science has proven that a person without a head is soon dead. The body is a collection…… Continue reading The Head of the Body