Comfort in Love

A piece of fabric begins with many individual fibers being joined together to form a long string or thread. The thread is then knit together in such a way that instead of the different strands and fibers being clearly visible, one large piece of cloth is formed with each strand woven tightly together with the…… Continue reading Comfort in Love

Relentless Faith

Paul’s ministry work ethic is unmatched. He spent his days and nights in diligent effort to evangelize and disciple the world. His ministry covered the Middle East and reached up into Europe. Paul’s impact on Christianity was exceeded only by that of Jesus himself. Paul’s great work ethic was driven by a burning desire that…… Continue reading Relentless Faith


Faith is the conviction that something is true which changes how a person thinks and behaves. Many today think of faith as a subjective belief that a person holds, which may or may not bear any relation to reality. This kind of faith is little more than a strong opinion. An example of this kind…… Continue reading Faith