Once there was a man who lived in the cemetery. This man could live no other place. He was a demon possessed maniac. His mania was so great that when the local people could get hold of him they locked him in shackles and chains. He never stayed chained for long. The devils inside him…… Continue reading Delivered

Like a Tree

The redwoods of California grow for over 3,000 years. When settlers first went west in the 1800’s and saw the massive trees they identified where certain notable trees could be found. Some of the great Sequoias were given names. Friends were told about them, roads cut through them and tourists began to trek across the…… Continue reading Like a Tree

Comfort in Love

A piece of fabric begins with many individual fibers being joined together to form a long string or thread. The thread is then knit together in such a way that instead of the different strands and fibers being clearly visible, one large piece of cloth is formed with each strand woven tightly together with the…… Continue reading Comfort in Love