Our Faith

Genuine unity in the church is produced when its members share the same belief about certain core Biblical truths. We hold the following truths as the doctrinal core around which our fellowship is based.

There is one God who rules all creation. This is God is holy, eternal, limitless, all-powerful, all-knowing, present everywhere, unchanging, just, gracious, merciful, beyond human understanding and is to be the only object of all human worship.

The Trinity
God is Trinity, One God who is Three. The Trinity is comprised of the Father, the Son and the Spirit who exist simultaneously, each fully possessing in full the essence, character, power and glory of God. These persons are distinct, not mixed together or fused, nor are they divided.

God: The Father
God the Father is the creator of all and displays His general grace on all mankind. He is spiritual Father only to those who receive Jesus as Savior. The Father cannot be seen by fallen man, but He has revealed Himself to humanity through His written Word and His Son.

God: The Son
Jesus is the Messiah promised throughout the Old Testament, and God the Son. He eternally existed as God the Son before His virgin birth. By His incarnation, He added full humanity to His deity, without causing any change in His Divine Person. In His humility He set aside the exercise of His Divine power and did not His full prerogatives as God. Jesus is the only way of salvation. He died in our place paying the full penalty of sin. The third day after His death and burial He arose bodily from the grave. He was subsequently restored to His full Heavenly glory, where He reigns over all, guides His church and intercedes with the Father for His children.

God: The Spirit
The Holy Spirit is God, the third person of the Trinity. He convicts the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment and is the producer of the new birth in man. The Holy Spirit gifts every believer, enabling him to practice edifying ministry within the local church. All miraculous gifts were temporary in nature given only to the apostolic church.

The Bible
Every Word of the Bible was spoken directly by God and therefore is perfect. God has protected His Word so that still available today is an accurate representation of the original, inspired texts. The Bible is accurate and reliable in every matter it discusses. It is completely sufficient for every need in life and is the believer’s only rule of faith and conduct.

Salvation of sinners is entirely by God’s grace, a free gift of God apart from any merit of man. By the shedding of His blood in death Jesus made a complete payment for sin. Salvation is the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures by which those who believe are given new life and made new creatures in Christ. Each person receives salvation through repentant faith in Jesus alone. Any attempt to merit salvation is a denial and rejection of Christ’s payment on the cross. Salvation is not given or kept through any work of men, but only through the gracious power of God. All the redeemed, once saved, are kept by God’s power and are thus secure in Christ forever.

The Church
The church is God’s appointed institution in this age for accomplishing His purpose to glorify Himself. God has commanded all believers to attach themselves to a local church, use their spiritual gifts to serve and edify the local body and submit themselves to the care and direction of the pastors and congregation.

Jesus is the only Head of the church. In the church God has ordained only two offices for the care of the ministry. The pastor is the shepherd of the flock to oversee its affairs and watch over its members. The deacons serve the physical needs of the body, supporting the congregation and pastor. God has instituted two ordinances for the church to practice without fail until His return. Baptism by immersion following conversion and the regular observance of the Lord’s Supper.

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