Questions of the Day

Every so often Pastor Chambers takes a few minutes during the church service to address questions raised by church members or by current events. These Questions of the Day offer brief thoughts to help understand and respond to pressing issues facing the church and culture.

Is Covid-19 the Judgment of God?

Does the Bible address the coronavirus?

What should a person look for in a church?

What is the significance of the eclipse?

Why does Pastor Chambers not preach topical sermons?

What is the Christian judged by God?

Why does the church not teach Sabbath observance?

Is the Old Testament relevant to Christians today?

How should Christians vote?

How should we respond to tragic shootings?

How do I witness to Muslims?

Is Allah the same as the God of the Bible?

How should Christians respond to violent terrorist attacks around the world?

What does it mean to be “spiritual but not religious?”

Will we know each other in heaven?