Comfort in Love

A piece of fabric begins with many individual fibers being joined together to form a long string or thread. The thread is then knit together in such a way that instead of the different strands and fibers being clearly visible, one large piece of cloth is formed with each strand woven tightly together with the rest. The end result of this weaving is a durable, workable cloth that can be turned to great profit as it is shaped into clothing or other useful material.

Christians are individual fibers knit together into a single cohesive unit in the church that brings comfort and great profit to the church. (Colossians 2:2) When believers are fully woven together into one body the result is something far greater and stronger than any one individual. When self is set aside to join seflessly with the body of Christ the individual is given a rich source of consolation and the entire church is benefitted.

A church is more than a group of people meeting together. A church is a group of people intermingling together so that all are becoming the parts of the same whole. This happens when there is agreement. As the individual members of the church are going the same direction, holding the same doctrine, having the same purpose, seeking the same goals, working in the same fashion and pleasing the same Lord there will be a knitting together into a harmonious whole.

Harmony is the agreement that is produced when several different notes agree together in such a way they produce a beautiful melody. Concord in the church in which the diversity of the members is submitted to the benefit of the body provides rich comfort to those who are knit together with other members in a melody of Christian love.

Comfort for the Christian comes by being knit together through the full assurance of proper understanding of Biblical truth. Confidence in the Word of God brings comfort no matter what challenges come across the believers path. Confidence in the Bible is not gained merely by having someone declare that Christians can be confident in God’s Word. Comfort in the Bible is not found by pasting a moving verse on the front of a greeting card. Comforting confidence in the Bible is gained by learning Scripture, by studying it, by examining it, and, most importantly, by doing it. Comfort comes from the Word by careful study joined with intentional effort to put on the character, attitudes and actions found in Scriptures.

Comfort is also found in an increasing knowledge of God the Father and God the Son. Full and complete knowledge of the person and work of Jesus is a reservoir of refreshing comfort. Accurate and precise knowledge of who God is and what God has done is a storehouse of comfort that will sustain the believer through the longest seasons of trouble. Comfort comes from a deep, personal and practical knowledge of God. Comfort comes from seeing God’s work, from knowing God’s presence, from experiencing God’s peace, from enjoying God’s joy. The Christian who is joined closely with the church, understands the Word of God and has an intimate knowledge of God has Divine comfort which carries the harassed heart through every dark valley.