The Heart is Where the Home Is

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.
Colossians 3:16

Home is the single place one calls his own. Home is where the tired laborer goes at the end of the day. Home is where the jetsetting businessman returns over and over again. The opposite is, of course, homelessness. One goes from place to place without any permanent place to call his own. Often when the day ends this one will still not know where he is going to sleep. He may sleep under a bridge, in his car, with a friend or in a sheltered box.

The Christian must not leave the Word of God homeless The Word of God must have a permanent residence in the Christian’s life. Far too often the Bible is a welcome guest to the Christian. Scripture stops by the Christian’s house for a brief visit every so often, but does not permanently reside in the heart. The Christian must not invite the Bible in for a brief stay every so often, but give the Bible permanent residence in his life.

The Christian must also give the Bible full-time access to every part of the life. The Bible must be given more than small corner of the life allowing it rule a few minutes each day or a couple hours every weekend. The Bible’s residence in the life is to be exhaustive and intrusive. The Bible must pervade every part of the being. The Bible must not be stored away in a drawer that is only opened in time of extreme need or on special occasions. The Bible is to be the very air the Christian breathes. The Bible is to be the presence which fills every nook, cranny, corner and closet. The Bible must dwell richly in the believer. Scripture must hyper-saturate the heart, mind and life of the individual.

As the Bible abundantly permeates the life, it’s rule is to be followed with great wisdom. Wisdom is the correct application of the truth to life. Wisdom heeds the instruction of the Word and accurately applies that instruction to daily living. The master of the house comes in, tells his servant the kitchen must be mopped clean and shows him how to do it. That is the entrance and instruction of the Bible. The wise servant hears instruction and mops the floor exactly as told so that when the master comes back into the kitchen he sees the duty was performed with skill and excellence. The truths of the Bible are not just facts to be learned. The reading of the Word is not just a study to be undertaken. The Word is to dwell in the life of the believer in such a way that it changes his life. The Word must live in the Christian. The Christian must live out the Word.