Just One Command

God is the only true God and thus the only appropriate focus of all worship. Since God is truly the only God then He deserves to be the supreme object of all human devotion. “Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” (Deuteronomy 6:5) The most important command in the Bible is the command to love God. Since God alone is the true God, the greatest command ever given is the command to love Him supremely. The first command demands devotion, entire devotion, genuine devotion, passionate devotion, intellectual devotion and active devotion. God alone is God. He is the most important Being in the universe. None else is to hold the place of highest affection in the hearts of men. To love something more than God is to have another god besides Him. The elevation of another being or another benefit to a place of supreme adoration is an act of idolatry.

The command “Love the Lord thy God” is the first command. From this command flows every other command. All the commands of the Old Testament originate in this one command. All the commands of the New Testament originate in this one command. The Christian today is to love God supremely. When God is the supreme object of the believer’s devotions the commands of the New Testament will be recognized as tangible and appropriate expressions of love for God. The one devoted to God alone, who worships and adores Him above all else, will desire to obey God.

Love for God has been depicted in modern times as a romantic love. Christian’s sing songs with words like “I’m desperate for you, I’m lost without you” or “I wanna sit at your feet, Lay back against you and breath, feel your heart beat. This love is so deep, it’s more than I can stand.” The Bible never describes love for God in this way. God is not a lover to be wooed. He is not a wife to be romanced. He is God to be worshiped. The Christian dare not think of love for God like the romantic love between a man and woman. Christian love for God is the reverential love of the creature for his Creator. Christians are to worship, venerate and adore God. He is to be the greatest desire and the supreme love. He is not Disney world, a favorite football team, a bowl of ice cream, a beloved parent or a lifelong spouse. He is God and love for Him must retain the dignity and veneration which is due the Sovereign of All.

Love for God is empty of passion and emotion. The command to love God with all your soul is a command to respond to God with a passionate love. Passion is not the same as romance. Intensity and devotion are expressed in ways other than sappy sentiment, love songs and breathless longing. Devotion to God is expressed in a life lived for His pleasure and in a life delighting in His presence.

The most important command, the first of all commands which is the fountainhead of all other commands, is this: Love God supremely. Love God intensely. Love God entirely. Love God as the Supreme Creator who deserves all respect, adoration, veneration and devotion.