Give Thanks

“Here we are getting blessings from God day after day; yet how little praise and thanksgiving there is in the church of God. Your state is such that the least mercy you have is more than all the world besides. Thou, Christian, and the few brethren, divided heaven and earth among you! What hath God that He withholds form you? Sun, moon and stars are set up to give you light; sea and land have their treasures for your use; others are encroachers upon them; you are the rightful heirs to them. The angels, bad and good, minister unto you; the evil, against their will, are forced like scullions when they tempt you, to scour and brighten your graces, and make way for your greater comforts; the good angels are servants to your heavenly Father, and disdain not to carry you in their arms. Your God withholds not Himself from you; he is your portion– Father, Husband, Friend. God is His own happiness, and admits you to enjoy Him. Oh, what honor is this, for the subject to drink in his princes cup! ‘Thou shalt make them to drink of the river of thy pleasures.’ And all this is not the purchase of your sweat and blood; the feast is paid for by Another, only He expects your thanks to the Founder. No sin offering is imposed under the Gospel; thank offerings are all He looks for. ”
-D.L. Moody