Christ Preeminent in the Christian

In Colossians 1 the Holy Spirit goes to great lengths to show that Jesus holds first place in all things. Colossians teaches that Jesus is the chief over all creation because He is God who made all things. Jesus is the head of the church because He purchased it by His own death and rose again from the dead. Jesus is preeminent in the Christian because He makes the believer holy before Him. Jesus is God- greatest, first, supreme, preeminent and the Priority of priorities.

No being- physical or spiritual, human or angel, god or demigod- is greater than Jesus. He holds first place in all things. The supremacy of Jesus should be evident in the Christian’s life. Jesus is number one and it ought to be obvious to everyone that He is number one to us.

Jesus ought be most important to the Christian because He is the beginning of the church. The church exists today only because of the incarnation, death, resurrection and exaltation of Christ. Jesus is the beginning of the church, the author of the church, the head of the church and the bedrock foundation of the church.

When Jesus asked the disciples who they thought He was Peter responded with the great confession, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus promised Peter that He would build the church on the unshakable foundation of His deity and His salvation. Jesus also promised the disciples He would send the Holy Spirit to fill them and empower them. Acts 2 records the fulfillment of that Divine promise. All Jerusalem saw the mighty power of God when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to gift the church to do the work of the ministry. The church began that day and continues to this day because the One who created the church sustains, strengthens and secures it.

Jesus alone is the One who loved the church and gave his life for it that he might present it to himself a beautiful bride without spot or blemish. The church and the individual Christian are Jesus’ treasured possession because they are bought with His own blood. Because we are His cherished body He supplies us with everything we need for the Christian life. He gifts us. He strengthens us. He directs us. He feeds us. He sanctifies us. He will return for us. He will glorify us. He is Supreme because He is the sole source of all we need to serve Him today and to please Him forever. As a result, the supremacy of Jesus should be evident in all we do.

The eternal plan of God was for Jesus to die on the cross in the place of sinful man so He could then gather from all the people of the world a people to be His own. All things were created by Jesus and for Jesus. Much more so the Christian who was specially purchased for Him by His death. Worship Him who did all this for you.