The Most Wonderful Study

Jesus is the most wonderful study in all the Bible. To study Jesus is to study the infinite, the eternal and the incomprehensible. To study Jesus the Son of God is to study God the Father. To know the Son is to know the Father. Jesus is the perfect revelation of God to man, the seeable expression of the unseeable.  He is the image of God who perfectly presents God to man. Jesus does not reveal to man all details about God. What He reveals to humanity is always a perfectly accurate depiction of the Father. Christ came to express the infiniteness of God in terms understandable to humanity.

Anthropomorphism is a descriptive device that gives human characteristics to non human objects.  For example, one might describe a great bridge as a sweeping, stately and elegant expression of architecture. Her long legs stand firmly on the solid ground, her sweeping arms reach from shore to shore. Her immense strength securely upholds the tons of concrete and traffic. She stands patiently through wind and rain, snow or sun, warm or cold.

Obviously, a bridge has no concept of faithfulness or weather. A bridge has no muscles to strain or fatigue. A bridge is not a female. Human terms have been used to describe something not human so people can better appreciate it’s magnificence. Jesus is the great anthropomorphic expression of God. Unlike anthropomorphizing in literature, Jesus did not express God in human terms. He is God who became human.

Jesus wrapped Deity in humanity to reveal to man the magnificence of God. “God became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14) Christ reflected and expressed God in a way man could begin to understand. Hebrews 1:3 describes Jesus in this fashion, “Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person.” Jesus is the shining forth of the glory of God. In the center of a flashlight is a bulb which shines brightly. Surrounding the bulb is a reflector which directs the brightness outward in a recognizable and useful fashion. This is what Christ has done, He has reflected the glory of God so it can be shown to the world in a way that is recognizable by man.                                      
Jesus is more than a mere reflection of God. He is the “express image” of God.  The process of learning to write is familiar to everyone. The method is similar around the world whether the letters be Arabic, Latin, Oriental or Cyrillic. The teacher shows a letter and teaches the student to match that letter as closely as possible. The student then works to copy that letter exactly as taught. Many American writing texts provide sheets with lightly printed letters for the child to trace. Hours are spent writing each letter and then writing them over again to shape the letter as carefully and accurately as possible. Each pre-printed character is the perfect representation of a letter. Jesus is the perfect character which writes out in comprehensible form the incomprehenisble God. Jesus is the seeable image of the unseeable God. To know Him is to know the Father.