Core values

We have a single, driving purpose in everything we do. Our only goal as a church is to glorify God. To accomplish that goal, we have core values. These primary ideals define the way we do ministry. Each one plays a vital role in the direction and decisions of the church. In a sense, these essentials are what we do.

Holiness: we submit our individual lives and every part of the church to the scrutiny of the Bible. The Bible is our authority that defines, prescribes and limits all we do.

“Radically changing our lifestyle everywhere our lifestyle contradicts Scripture.”
– Mr. Paul Washer

Edification: When the church gathers together each week we gather to encourage one another in Christian growth.  We promote becoming more like Jesus through preaching, teaching, singing, prayer and fellowship every week.

“Believers helping believers be like Christ.”
– Pastor Dave Chambers

Evangelism: When the church leaves the regular gathering each member goes into the community as an evangelist. We are equipped on Sundays to go into the world and announce the good news of Jesus’ salvation.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15

These are the top three values, but they all serve the church’s one and only goal: glorify God. Manistique Bible Church exists to show others God is most important and to give an accurate picture of His glory and majesty.